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I currently have Yotpo but their prices are ridiculous. I want to transition to How difficult is it to migrate my reviews from Yotpo? What should the process be after installing

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It is not difficult to switch from Yotpo to Here is what you need to do to perform a successful switch:

  1. Export all your reviews from Yotpo. We have a short article here to help you:
  2. Go ahead and install You can choose what widgets would you like to have automatically installed in your store. We can also help you out hiding their widgets from your store, so only ours is displayed.
  3. Uninstall Yotpo. WARNING: if you would like to remove their code from your store, we strongly recommend reaching their support team and asking for their code removal. Otherwise, you might end up breaking your store.
  4. You can send us your CSV file (exported reviews) to check out the file's format and import your reviews for you.
  5. The FAQ section on our compare page might also be helpful to you:

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