When are review emails sent out to my customers?

I’m planning to install your app and remove smile.io but first I have a question. Once I install the app, when are emails sent out to my customers? Do you go back and send retroactively?

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After you installed our application, you can edit the Request Timing settings for your review request emails right from here.

You will notice that it is set to send emails after 14 days of order fulfillment, by default 

(our app send Review Request emails after order fulfillment, not delivery):

The "every next request goes out..." refers to the Automatic Reminder emails. These, if enabled, send a review request reminder to your customer that had not leave a review yet.

This feature is included in our Awesome Plan $15/month

Also, by default new review requests will only be applied to order fulfilled after app install.

But, we do have an option to help schedule manual review requests for old Shopify orders or in bulk via CSV upload.

You can check these articles for more information:

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