General info about migrating from a different app

If you're coming form Loox, Yotpo, Shopify Product Reviews, or Rivyo, you might find this page helpful:

We also have individual pages with more specific info about the other apps: vs Yotpo vs Loox vs vs Rivyo

And here's a few more questions that we get very often:

What is the process to install and customizing Widgets? 

We definitely can help your team install and customize our widgets (applying CSS code etc) on unpublished themes like you mentioned. In these cases, you should skip the traditional "automatic" onboarding and contact our support team instead ( -- this email, like you're doing now), with your requests. Keeping Yotpo, Loox, or any other app up first will also aid the transition as we can mimic the original design on the unpublished theme if that's what you're looking for.

What about moving reviews? Does that happen automatically? As part of the transition, you will need to export your reviews from your old app, and import them into ours.
When you do, you can send the CSV file to us to help with the import process. You should read the articles here: Just find your app in the list and follow the instructions.

Can help me get my ratings on Google Shopping?

We are not an approved reviewer by Google but the workaround we provide for the merchants is that they will have to manually apply is a legit and approved process by Google themselves.  Be assured that this process is completely legit and is not in violation with  Google regulations and guidelines.

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