New Awesome Feature: Spam Filter for Web Reviews

You can choose to turn on the Spam Filter for all Web Reviews if you are on the Awesome plan: Settings > Review Widget > Review Curation

When you enable this, will detect and filter out spam reviews coming from the "write-a-review" form on your webpages as well as via API using a third party spam filter. 

You can read more info about spam prevention in this article about Review Widget 101 (scroll all the way to the last section about spam.)

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We have also revised the settings for web reviews to prevent spam:
1. Restrict review creation: This hides the “write-a-review” button so it is not possible to leave a review via the widget on the website. Reviews creation is restricted to (a) verified buyers from our review requests, or (b) programmatically via API.
2. Heavy restriction enabled. In addition to the above (“write-a-review” button hidden), API requests are also disabled, so spammers with bots/code that target shops will not be able to create fake reviews.

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