Judge.me Product Reviews lets you collect and display star ratings and reviews on your Square Online stores. You can install Judge.me with just a few clicks, no coding required.

1. Install Judge.me app

You can follow this guide to install Judge.me app on your Square Online stores from Settings > App Integrations.

2. Enable Judge.me widgets

The Preview Badge stars and Review Widget will be installed automatically at the best location on your stores. For other widgets, you can install them using Judge.me's shortcodes following this guide.

These are the widgets available in Judge.me app on Square:

  • Review Widget: collect and display reviews and star ratings for a specific product.
  • Preview Badge (stars): display the star rating and the number of reviews for a specific product.
  • Reviews Carousel: create a carousel of featured reviews and place it on your home page.
  • Verified Reviews Count Badge: place a badge with the number of verified reviews in the footer of your store.
  • All Reviews Text: display the total number of published reviews and the average rating.
  • UGC Media Grid: display user-generated content from Instagram in a customizable widget in your store.
  • Floating Reviews Tab: add a floating tab to the side of your pages. The tab opens to display product and site reviews. (available on the paid Awesome plan)
  • All Reviews Page: build a dedicated page to collect and display both product and shop-level reviews. (available on the paid Awesome plan)
  • Questions and Answers: add a Q&A section in the Review Widget to help your customers make more informed decisions. (available on the paid Awesome plan)

3. Customize your widgets

Want to make Judge.me widgets perfectly harmonize with your store? You have many options to customize your widgets in Settings, for example:

Check the below articles for detailed guidelines:

Have a non-English store? Judge.me widgets are available in 38 languages!

4. Add your existing reviews to Judge.me

Have reviews on other platforms? We support two easy ways to export and import your reviews into our module.

You can also import Q&As in bulk with our direct importer.

5. Collect more reviews

Are you ready to collect more new reviews? There are several ways to do that with our extension:


Your reviews are published automatically by default, and we will start sending review request emails unless you disable them.

6. Start exploring your dashboards

Installation is done, now what’s next? Here are the most important sections you might want to start with:

Can’t find what you are looking for? Check our Knowledge Base and Forums for more detailed tutorials, or contact our 24/7 custom support team at support@judge.me to address your particular issues.