We are no longer offering our Judge.me Product Reviews module on PrestaShop, but we will continue to support existing users till the end of August 2023.

In this article, we'll show you how to install the Judge.me module on PrestaShop. To learn more about Judge.me features, check our getting started guide.

Method 1: Upload the module in PrestaShop admin

This is the easiest method, but it may not work in certain cases. If it does not work, please use Method 2 instead.

To install Judge.me by uploading the module in PrestaShop:

  1. Download Judge.me module from the addons marketplace.
  2. In your PrestaShop admin, go to Improve > Modules > Modules Catalog.
  3. Click Upload a module.
  4. Upload the .zip file and wait a few minutes for the module to be installed.
  5. Click Configure to start customizing Judge.me.

Method 2: Upload the module to your shop server's hosted files

If you can’t upload the module in your PrestaShop admin, it’s likely that the file size exceeds your server limit. 

In this case, you can either increase your server limit OR upload the .zip file to your shop server.

Steps to upload the module to your shop server:

Step 1: Download the module and unzip files

  • Download the module from the addons marketplace.
  • Rename the file to judgeme.zip (IMPORTANT!) 
  • Download the script file to unzip the module (unzip.php file) at the end of this article.

Step 2: Upload the files to your shop server

We're using Hostinger as an example. Other hosting services may have slightly different steps.

In Hostinger:

  • Go to File Manager and find the /modules folder.
  • Upload the 2 files you downloaded in step 1.
  • Run the unzip.php file. You can also use this link https://[your_store_url]/modules/unzip.php.

Step 3: Install Judge.me in PrestaShop

In your PrestaShop dashboard:

  • Go to Improve > Modules > Modules Catalog.
  • Search "Judge.me" and click Install.

install judge.me module in prestashop


If your shop server uses Cloudflare DNS that may ask users for a captcha for certain requests, this may make our module fail to install. To solve this, please exclude our module from Cloudflare captcha validation by following these 2 guides from Cloudflare:

Use this URL pattern to exclude from the rules: