Available on the Awesome plan

Do you want to get more information from your customers beyond star ratings and reviews? Try our Custom Forms now. This feature helps you understand more about your customer preferences and hidden concerns. The more insights you get, the better products and services you can offer.

How to enable your Custom Forms

To enable your Custom Forms, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create the form

  • From the app navigation, click on Email Templates > Custom Forms
  • In the Custom Forms dashboard, you can:
    • Click on the Use Template links to choose our ready-made questions.
    • Click on the New Custom Form button to create a form from scratch.
  • You can create up to 10 custom forms, but be cautious because your Review Widget or review request emails may end up being too long.

add new judge.me custom form

Step 2: Fill in the Custom Form details

In the Custom Form Details, you need to:

  • Choose a Custom Form Name. This is the internal name of your custom form for easier reference.
  • Check the Active box. Once you checked this box, your custom form's questions will be shown in your Review Widget and review request emails after you saved it. If you are not ready to publish your questions, please uncheck.
  • Choose where you want to add your questions:
    • All products without custom form tags
    • Tagged products: only display custom questions on the product you tagged.
    • Shop reviews: only display custom questions when you collect shop reviews.

fill in judge.me custom form

Step 3: Add custom questions

  • If you are using a template, some questions have been added in advance. You can edit these questions as you want, or add more questions.
  • To add more questions, click on the Add a Question button on the top right.

  • Fill in the content of your questions:
    • Required answer: check this box to require your customers to answer this question
    • Hide from Widgets: check this box to hide the customers' answers on the widgets, but still show the questions when sending out the review request emails.
    • Display title and question: for the next two lines, choose a title and type in the question you want to ask, and enter the options if you are creating a question with choices.
    • Question type: choose among a single choice, multiple choices, rating scale, plain text, and slider. See some examples of each question type in reality.
    • Allow filtering for this question: filter the answers to make it easier to find reviews with certain attributes (for example, age, shoe sizing, skin type, recommended yes/no). Only single and multiple-choice answers can be filtered.
    • Show average responses: see an average score of all responses submitted to Rating Scale and Slider questions.

  • You can click on the small arrows on the right to show or hide the question content, and drag the question headers to change their order.

move judge.me custom questions

Step 4: Activate your forms

  • If you have checked in the Active box in step 2, your form will be activated after you save it. If you only save your forms as drafts, you can click on the Edit icon to come back and activate your form by checking in the box. You can also edit, copy, or delete the custom forms.
  • When displaying your custom form widget, you can choose between the horizontal and vertical layout in Settings > Review Widget > Widget Form > Custom Forms. The Horizontal style shows all answers next to each other. This makes reviews with many Custom Forms answers more compact and easier to read. Single and multiple-choice answers are now displayed beneath the reviewer’s name on the Align theme.


  • If you delete a question, the question and its answers will also be removed on the Review Widget and in your app admin. However, you can still export them together with the reviews.
  • For multi-choice questions, deleting or editing an option doesn't affect any existing answers.
  • You can only change the question type of an existing question if that question hasn't got any answers. To change the question type after getting answers, please create a new identical question but select a different question type and disable the previous question.
  • If you want to hide improper language that accidentally appears in your custom form answers, please enable our Profanity Filter.