In this article, we'll show you how to add your Squarespace store logo to review request email templates. 

Step 1: Upload your store logo on Squarespace

  • This step will help you generate a direct link to your store logo by uploading it directly to Squarespace.
  • From your Squarespace admin, choose Design > Custom CSS.

upload logo to squarespace

upload logo to squarespace 2

get logo URL on squarespace

Step 2: Add the logo to email template settings

  • From your admin, go to Requests > Email Templates

add logo to email

  • Click the Edit button to open email templates settings

add logo to email 2

  • Cut the logo URL in Squarespace and paste it to the logo URL field. You can specify your preferred logo width (*remember to cut the logo URL instead of copy, so you can discard the changes in Squarespace and don't affect your existing CSS).
  • Click Save email settings.

add logo to email 3