Available on the Awesome plan 

By default, everyone can leave a review on your product page. This can maximize the number of reviews you receive but also exposes you to spammers or attacks from competitors. 

If you don't want to restrict the creation of web reviews, you can use our spam filter instead.

How spam filter works

To enable spam filter:

  • In Judge.me admin, go to Settings > Review widget > Review curation > Web reviews spam filter.
  • Turn ON the spam filter.

When spam filter is enabled, we will use OOPSpam to detect and filter out spamming reviews or questions from the "write-a-review" and "ask-a-question" forms in the Review Widget on your product page or from API requests.

Double-check the spam content

Reviews or questions detected as spam will be moved to the Spam tab in the Reviews dashboard and Questions dashboard.

If you see reviews or questions that are not spam in this tab, you can click the Not Spam to move them back to the main dashboard.

Spam tab in the Reviews dashboard

Spam tab in the Q&A dashboard