You can import your reviews into using our CSV template or a CSV from your previous reviews app. The process is fairly easy. However, when a value of a certain field does not match our criteria, the reviews will fail to be imported. 

We will send you an email with the errors and the affected reviews so you can make your changes and reimport the failed reviews.

Which error did you face?

Product not foundReview rating invalid
Review content not foundMissing params
Reviewer name invalid

Product not found

The value in the product_id or product_handle column does not match a product in your store.

  • product_id is the ID of the product in your Shopify dashboard.

  • If you're in WooCommerce, you can find your product_id in the Products tab.

  • product_handle is everything after product/ in the product URL.

If you import using the CSV from your previous review app, double-check their corresponding columns for product_id and product_handle (e.g. productId, handle,...).

Review content not found

The value in the body column is missing. Since this is a required field, please fill in at least 1 character.

If you import using the CSV from your previous review app, double-check their corresponding column for review content (e.g. review_content, review).

Review rating invalid

The value in the rating column is missing or has an incorrect format. The correct format is whole numbers between 1 and 5 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Reviewer name invalid

The value in the reviewer_name column is over the character limit (100 characters). Make sure the name is below the character limit or leave it empty. If left blank, we will "Anonymous" as the reviewer's name.

Missing params

The required headers (e.g. title, body, rating, review_date, reviewer_name, reviewer_email, product_id, product_handle,...) are missing. 

Check to see which headers you're missing or use a fresh template here.

If you're still having trouble importing your reviews, feel free to chat with us or email us at We're more than happy to help!