You can upgrade to our Awesome plan with a flat fee of $15/month to unlock all additional features, such as all widget customizations, drag-and-drop email editor, custom forms, coupons, etc.

You can access unlimited features on the Awesome plan for only $15/month. Follow the steps below to upgrade:

  • Step 1: On the main navigation bar, click on More > Plan 

  • Step 2: Click the Upgrade now - for only $15/month button. 

  • Step 3: Fill in all required values with your card information, then click Subscribe. After the upgrade is done, you'll be redirected to home dashboard

use Stripe payment to upgrade on Squarespace


If you downgrade and re-upgrade within the same billing period (one calendar month), you won't be charged twice. If you re-upgrade in the next billing period, you'll be charged again. This applies only to Squarespace users.