Install and customize your widgets to display star ratings and reviews on your Squarespace stores.

1. Install extension on your Squarespace store


At the moment, extension is only available to Squarespace stores selling physical products.

Step 1: 

Go to

Step 2: 

Click on the Connect to Site button.

Step 3:

Log in to your Squarespace store (if you are not logged in). If you have more than one store, click on the store you want to install the extension.

login to Squarespace to install

select a Squarespace site to install

Step 4:

A new tab will open, listing the permissions needs from your store. Click Allow to start the installation. After the installation is done, you'll be redirected to the home dashboard of extension.

Step 5: 

Enter the email address you want to use for

enter email to install on Squarespace

Step 6: 

Choose the widgets you want to install and click Start Installation. If you uncheck any widgets or skip the installation, you can install them later in Settings > Review Widget or Settings > Other Widgets.

choose widgets to install on Squarespace

Step 7: 

Check if your widgets are installed correctly.

preview widgets on Squarespace

  • If everything is correct, click Yes, Looks Great, then you'll be redirected to the admin dashboard. You can also go to the settings to customize your widget design such as star color. Squarespace admin dashboard

  • If you want more customization for your widgets, click make a special request and type in your request. 


Your widgets will be installed at the best locations on your Squarespace store. We are unable to place them in other locations.

request customization for widgets on Squarespace

  • If you want to remove your widgets for some reason, click No, please remove all widgets. If possible, let us know the reason why so we can improve it later. Otherwise, you can skip the feedback and start exploring the

remove widgets on Squarespace

2. Log in to your settings

2.1. Log in from Squarespace

  • From your Squarespace admin dashboard, go to Settings > Extensions > Connected Extensions.
  • Find in the list, then click on the three-dot icon and choose Website.

login from Squarespace admin 1

  • Enter your Squarespace store domain and click Sign in.

login from Squarespace admin 2

2.2. Log in from

  • Go to, then click on the Sign in button on the top right.

login from website 1

  • Click on the "I'm a shop owner" link to log in to your shop.

login from website 2

  • Enter your Squarespace store domain and click Sign in.

login from website 3

  • Log in to your Squarespace store if you are not, then you'll be redirected to home dashboard.

3. Case study

How BundleBums uses social proof to promote eco-friendly products

To improve the conversion rate for their Squarespace store, BundleBums choose to collect more reviews via emails and display them on customized widgets. Read full case study. star rating on BundleBums Squarespace store