Judge.me Product Reviews lets you collect and display star ratings and reviews on your Squarespace stores. You can install Judge.me with just a few clicks, no coding required.


  1. Connect Judge.me extension to your Squarespace store
  2. Install Judge.me widgets
  3. Customize your widgets
  4. Import your existing reviews
  5. Collect more reviews
  6. Start exploring your dashboards
  7. Enhance your review experience with advanced features
  8. * Special note *

Read the case study from our early user: BundleBums.

1. Connect Judge.me extension to your Squarespace store

Follow these steps to install Judge.me extension on your Squarespace store:

  1. Go to https://www.squarespace.com/extensions/details/judgeme
  2. Click on the Connect to Site button.
  3. Log in to your Squarespace store (if you are not logged in).
  4. Grant permission to Judge.me by clicking Allow.
  5. Enter the email address you want to use for Judge.me.
  6. Choose the widgets you want to install and click Start Installation.
  7. Check if your widgets are installed correctly.

Check the detailed installation guide here.

2. Install Judge.me widgets

Judge.me widgets let you display reviews on various pages of your store, such as the homepage, product pages, etc. These are the widgets available in Judge.me Squarespace extension:

  • Review Widget: collect and display reviews and star ratings for a specific product.
  • Preview Badge (stars): display the star rating and the number of reviews for a specific product.
  • Floating Reviews Tab: add a floating tab to the side of your pages. The tab opens to display product and site reviews. (available on the paid Awesome plan)
  • Questions and Answers: add a Q&A section in the Review Widget to help your customers make more informed decisions. (available on the paid Awesome plan)
  • Facebook Reviews Tab: add a custom tab on your Facebook Page to display the same reviews as in your Review Widget. (available on the paid Awesome plan)

After you have installed Judge.me, the Review Widget and Preview Badge will be activated automatically:

  • Preview Badge stars will be installed on your collection pages and product pages. If you want to disable this widget, go to Settings > Other Widgets > Preview Badge > Preview Badge Installation.
  • Review Widget will be installed at the bottom of your product pages. If you want to disable this widget, go to Settings > Review Widget > Installation.

To activate other widgets, go to Settings > Other Widgets from the Judge.me app admin, then choose the widgets you want to install.


Your widgets will be installed at the best locations on your Squarespace store. We are unable to place them in other locations.

3. Customize your widgets

Want to make Judge.me widgets perfectly harmonize with your store? You have many options to customize your widgets in Settings, for example:

Check the below articles for detailed guidelines:

4. Import your existing reviews

Have reviews on other platforms? You can import your existing reviews easily from a CSV file.

  • First, follow this guide to create a CSV file of your reviews.
  • You'll need Squarespace product handles to match your reviews with the corresponding products. Product handle is the last part of your product URL; for example, /shop/p/product-a
  • After your file is ready, go to Judge.me > Import/Export > From Customers Directly (with import wizard), then upload your CSV file. Check detailed import guidelines here.

5. Collect more reviews

Are you ready to collect more new reviews? There are several ways to do that with our extension:

6. Start exploring your dashboards

Installation is done, now what’s next? Here are the most important sections you might want to start with:

  • Review dashboard: where you can see and decide to publish or hide your product and shop reviews.
  • Requests dashboard: where you can see all the review requests sent or to be sent, customize and schedule request emails.
  • Settings: where you can enable and customize all the features available in our app.

7. Enhance your review experience with advanced features

Is that all about our review app? No, there are even more advanced features for you to enhance your experience, such as:

Can’t find what you are looking for? Check our Knowledge Base and Forums for more detailed tutorials, or contact our 24/7 custom support team at support@judge.me to address your particular issues. 

* Special note *

1. Judge.me extension only works on Squarespace's physical products

If you have non-physical products, our features won't work properly. In particular:

  • Reviewers can't submit reviews on non-physical products. The Review Widget won't be displayed.
  • You can't schedule review requests for non-physical products.
  • Non-physical products won't be displayed in Judge.me Products dashboard because we can't fetch them.

2. Here are the features that are not compatible with Squarespace the moment:


  • Preview Badge for Collection on Homepage: display the star rating and the number of reviews for a specific product in a collection on homepage (Vote for this feature here)

judge.me preview badge homepage

judge.me reviews carousel

  • Verified Reviews Count Badge: shows the total number of verified reviews you have received, as well as the aggregate rating of all these reviews (Vote for this feature here)

judge.me verified reviews count badge

  • Judge.me Medals: showcase the quality and quantity of your reviews such as authenticity, transparency, total verified reviews, etc. (Vote for this feature here)

judge.me medals

judge.me all reviews page

judge.me all reviews text


  • Multi-language widgets: display widgets in multiple languages using our default translations (this feature only works on Shopify multilingual store, where we detect the locale and automatically switch our default translation).


  • Auto-generated coupons: Judge.me will generate coupons automatically for you based on your conditions such as percentage discount, minimum order value, customer eligibility, usage limit, etc. This feature is only available on Shopify. **Note: we can’t generate coupons automatically based on conditions, but users can upload coupons from external sources.

Review requests and management

  • Push and SMS requests: send review requests via push notifications and SMS
  • Blacklist Automation by Tags: add tags to blacklist a product/customer/order to stop sending review requests (this feature only works when you add/remove tags in Shopify's dashboards).
  • Import reviews from AliExpress products (you can only do import with our Shopify app AliExpress Review Importer and Chrome Extension)
  • Click to view orders associated with reviews from the reviews dashboard (this feature only associates reviews with Shopify orders).

Would like to vote for new features? Let us know here.