Available on the Awesome plan

By integrating Judge.me with LoyaltyLion, you can use loyalty points to incentivize customers to leave a review.

Available platforms

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce

Steps to integrate Judge.me with LoyaltyLion

In your LoyaltyLion admin:

  • Go to Manage > Activity rules > Create new rule > Custom rule.

  • Set the identifier to judgeme_review and adjust other settings how you wish.
  • Click Create rule.
  • Also in the Manage tab, find Configuration and click Settings.
  • At the bottom of this page, find and copy your Token and secret.

In your Judge.me admin:

  • Go to Settings > Integrations > Admin Backend > Reward App Integration.
  • Choose LoyaltyLion and enter the Token and secret you found earlier.
  • Click Save.

Set up your reward conditions

Once you have integrated Judge.me with LoyaltyLion, you can set up your reward conditions by following these steps:

  • In Judge.me admin, go to Settings > Rewards > Reward conditions.
  • Set the condition for the reviewer, the review, and the rating how you see fit.
  • Click Save.

For every new review that meets your reward conditions, Judge.me will notify LoyaltyLion to send a reward to your customers.