You can send a reminder email to your reviewers so they remember to use the coupon before it is expired.

Here is an example of how the coupon reminder email works:

  • If your coupon validity is 30 days, and you choose to "send a reminder email 3 days before expiry", it means that a reminder email will be sent on day 27. This applies to all new coupons generated after you have enabled the reminder email.
  • You may have some old coupons that exist before you enable the reminder email. These coupons may be expired after 1-2 days (expiry date > reminder day = 3). In this case, we'll send a reminder email right after you have enabled the reminder email.


  • This feature is only available for coupons generated by on Shopify. It's not available for externally uploaded coupons.
  • You can only activate the reminder email if your coupon has an expiration date (coupon validity is set in step 2).