Want to display your Judge.me widgets in multiple languages? If you translate your Shopify store into multiple languages, we can detect the locale of each translated store, and change the language of your widgets accordingly. For example, if you enable three other languages (French, Spanish, and Italian) apart from their default language (English); when you change the store language to French, the widget language will be changed to French as well. 

  • We only translate your widget-facing text (i.e. titles, buttons, review form fields, etc.) based on our 38 languages available. If you want to translate your review content, please check our integration with Weglot.
  • You need to give us extra permission to make this feature work (access to price rules, locales, and translations). This will be asked when you enable the feature for the first time.
  • This feature is available on the Forever Free plan. If you are on the Awesome plan and have customized texts on top of our automatic translation, we will use customized texts in your shop's default language and automatic translations for other translated languages.
  • This feature may not work for some widget elements such as Reviews Carousel title, Floating Reviews Tab title, Verified Reviews Count Badge, All Reviews Text, etc.


To enable the multi-language widgets, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Publish translated languages in Shopify

  • Go to your Shopify Settings > Store languages > Translated languages.
  • Click the Add language button. Choose a language from the drop-down menu, then click Add and Publish your languages.
  • We will translate the Judge.me widgets by detecting the locales of your store languages. Learn more about the role of Shopify locale here. If you need to translate other parts of your store (e.g. product description), please follow Shopify's full instructions for setting up a multi-language store and installing a Shopify translation app.

Step 2: Add extra permissions

  • Go to Settings > Review Request > Timing and Format > Widget and Email Language.
  • Click Add extra permission. 

  • To use this feature, please give us permission to manage your price rules, locales, and translations. Then click Update app.

Step 3: Check your multi-language widgets

  • If you go back to Language Info after publishing your translated languages, you can see the list of languages that your widgets will be translated into. 


It may take up to 24 hours for your languages to be updated in Judge.me's settings after you added them in Shopify's languages settings.

If you are using a Debut theme, you can switch among languages from the languages drop-down menu placed in the footer. Other themes and their geolocation app may add the language menu in other places.

Then your widgets will be translated!