Available on the Awesome plan

ActiveCampaign gives you the email marketing, marketing automation, and CRM tools you need to create incredible customer experiences. Judge.me is integrated with ActiveCampaign, so whenever your customers submit a review on Judge.me, we'll send the following data to ActiveCampaign.

  • Judge.me Review Body: Content of the review
  • Judge.me Review Title: Title of the review
  • Judge.me Review Rating: Rating number of the review
  • Judge.me Review Product Title: Title of the product where the review is submitted

How to enable the integration

Step 1:

From the ActiveCampaign admin dashboard, go to Settings > Developers > API Access. Then copy the URL and Key.

Step 2:

  • From the Judge.me admin dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations > Email Marketing Integration > ActiveCampaign.
  • Fill in the API URL and Key copied from ActiveCampaign.
  • Click Save settings.


  • We'll send the review data to ActiveCampaign for any review created (not depend on publishing/curating).
  • If the customer is already on your subscriber list, we'll add the review data to that contact. If the customer is not on your subscriber list, we'll create a new account with email and the review data. The new account will not have a name or any other details.
  • This integration only works for new reviews, it does not work for old reviews. It means that only new reviews submitted after you've enabled the integration can trigger an event in ActiveCampaign.
  • Imported reviews and reviews created by admin won't trigger ActiveCampaign integration.
  • It's not possible to send review requests directly with ActiveCampaign. Check this article to learn more about how to send review requests.