Nextsale helps you to add social proof and exit-intent popups to turn visitors into customers. By integrating Nextsale with your, you can have your latest reviews pop up on the storefront. 

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How to enable this integration

Step 1: Install Nextsale and

Step 2: 

  • From admin dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations > Developers > API.
  • Copy the Shop domain and Private token.

Step 3:

  • From Nextsale admin dashboard, choose Settings > Integrations >

  • Enter your Shop domain, Private token, and choose the Minimum rating that qualifies for a storefront notification. Then click Connect

  • Make sure the integration is enabled, then click Save Changes.

Step 4:

  • Choose Add new, then click on the Create campaign button.

  • Customize your storefront notification, then click Publish