With Judge.me, besides replying to the reviews to increase the interactions with your customers, you can now also send an email to ask for a review update.

When to ask for a review update

A review update email would be useful in these cases:

  • After the negative review, you have addressed the reviewer's concerns and want to encourage them to share the new experience.
  • You have just enabled the photo/video or custom questions and want to encourage the reviewers to add their photos or answers to the reviews.

Steps to send a review update email

To ask for a review update:

  • In Judge.me admin, go to Manage reviews > Reviews dashboard.
  • Choose the review you want to send a reply to.
  • Click the reply icon and choose Request review update email.

The request review update email will contain a link to access a standalone form, where the reviewers can update their review and rating as well as add photos and videos.

After the reviewer hits Save:

  • If they are logged in, they will be redirected to their profile page. 
  • If they are not logged in, they will be redirected to judge.me/reviews.