Please check partner marketing guidelines for more details.

Co-marketing activities are reserved to partners that have tech integrations with will write the content and prepare the visuals for co-marketing activities published on our channels. We highly appreciate you to share with us necessary raw information about your apps and integrations, so we can prepare our content and visuals better. will also provide a standard media package for you to promote the integration and partnerships with on your side.

Here are some usual activities from

  1. Write knowledge base articles to instruct the users to use the integration.
  2. Display partner’s logo on website and app settings.
  3. Write a blog article to announce the integration, with backlinks to the partner’s app listings or relevant pages.
  4. Feature the integration in monthly newsletter.
  5. Feature the integration in social media posts.
  6. Offer the partner an exclusive 45-day free trial campaign of’s Awesome plan.
  7. Allow the partner to write a guest blog post.

If you have any questions, contact us at


  • These co-marketing activities may be adjusted depending on the partner's available channels. 
  • If you are not our integration partners and would like to engage in some co-marketing activities, we may consider depending on our capacity, the relevance of your business, and the benefits that both parties can gain from a partnership.