Do you know that is available in 34 languages? Choose your desired languages to make your emails more friendly to the local customers. There are three ways for you to do so:

  1. Use our default translations
  2. Customize your email text with our default and custom email templates
  3. Use multiple language emails

*Note: You can also translate your widgets, check this help desk article to learn more.

Use our default translations

When you change your app's default language in Language Info, not only your widgets but also your default email templates will be translated into your desired language. This feature is available on your Forever Free plan.

For example, if your app’s default language is Japanese, customers will receive Japanese emails.

Customize your email text

If you are on our Awesome plan, you can customize your email translations as you want. You do that in both default or custom email templates. The system will prioritize your customized text over's default translations.

Send your review request emails in multiple languages

Another cool feature that you can get in our Awesome plan: send review request emails in multiple languages. You can use Multiple Language Emails in the custom email templates. Shopify will track the customer_locale of the fulfilled orders and send the right emails. 

For example, if your customers purchased the products on your French store, they will receive French emails; if they purchased the products one your Italian store, they will receive Italian emails.