In the cards, you can showcase a compelling quote of your review, star rating, product info, and even a CTA linked to that product. In the future, you can also upload your own images, and have your cards displayed on the review site homepage.

To get started with the card carousel, please check if you have enabled the review site in the store page settings: Follow this guideline for more details.

After that, go to your Card Carousel settings:

  • In the Cards settings, click Create card to start.

  • A pop-up window will appear and let you choose the review to create a card. You can type in the product name, review title, review body to get the reviews you want.

  • Pick one review, then click Select and continue.

  • In the next section, add more details to your card. 

    • Decide on card type: You can choose to show your review as a Review card (feature a long review quite up to 260 characters) or a Product card (feature a product with its title, price, star ratings, and a short review quote up to 260 characters).

    • Choose review quoted content: Highlight up to 260 characters to quote the best aspect of the review.

    • Choose images: You can choose an available product image or upload your own image. Click on each image to select or deselect it.

  • When you are done, click Create card.

Example of a Review card

Example of a Product card

  • After creating the cards, toggle the bar to enable your cards and click Save to publish them on your store page.

  • If you add more than 4 cards, you can click the arrows to see more cards. If you hover on each card, details about the product, star rating, and review quote will be displayed. There is also a CTA on each card linked to the product page.

  • After you create your cards, they will be shown at the top of your store page, below your store description.

  • To add, edit or delete the cards, go back to your settings: