1. How to make descriptive customization requests

To make a customization request, you should:

  1. Consolidate and list out all the changes in bullet points.
  2. Be as specific as possible about what you'd like us to make and how it should look. Give us the new color code, border width, font names, etc.
  3. Add a screenshot with notes to show the details, especially if you want us to change the position of elements like buttons.
  4. Send your request to support@judge.me and we'll be on it.


  • This process will help us respond to your request more efficiently. 
  • We might need around 1 to 3 days to complete your customization requests.
  • If you require more extensive customizations that go beyond one or two revisions, please engage a specialist.

2. Examples of descriptive customization requests

Request 1:

  • Change the background color of my "write a review" button to green (the same green as the stars)
  • Change the text color to white

Request 2:

Reduce the space between the review title and the review date by a half

Request 3: 

Change the line between the rating scale and the first review to 2px boldness, black color