Want to translate your Judge.me widgets to multiple languages? Judge.me is now integrated with Weglot on Shopify, Squarespace, and PrestaShop, so you can automatically translate your widgets with a few clicks.

How to enable Weglot integration

For Shopify stores

Step 1: Install Weglot from the Shopify apps store.

Step 2: Choose your Destination languages and publish them.

Step 3: Edit your translation (optional)

Your widgets will be translated automatically by Weglot. If you want to revise the translations, click Edit my translations and fill in your version.

Step 4: Test the translations on your store

After you are done, you can see the Weglot language selector on your store. When you switch the language, your page content, including the Judge.me widgets, can be translated.

For Squarespace/PrestaShop stores

Step 1: Install Weglot on your Squarespace or PrestaShop stores.

Step 2: Add Judge.me's CSS class:

  • Weglot may not detect dynamic elements (i.e. Judge.me widgets) by default. You need to specify that Judge.me widgets are dynamic using a CSS selector. 
  • To do this, from Weglot admin, go to Settings > Squarespace/PrestaShop settings > Add Dynamic.

weglot integration squarespace 1

  • Add .jdgm-widget class to the selector (make sure to add a "." before the class). Then click Save. 

weglot integration squarespace 2

Step 3: Edit your translation (optional)

Step 4: Test the translation in your store

weglot integration squarespace 3


Some elements might not be translated. We are working with Weglot to fix this issue.