Want to make Judge.me widgets perfectly harmonize with your store? You can:

  1. Make the changes in our settings by yourself
  2. Ask us for help with basic design tweaks
  3. Contact the experts for further customizations

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1. Make the changes in our settings by yourself

We offer several in-app settings for you to customize your widgets in a few clicks:

1.1. Customize the Review Widget

  • The Review Widget lets you collect reviews and display them under your product pages to help your buyers make more informed decisions.

  • You can choose among three widget themes; change text, star colors, review and shop details; add review pictures, videos, custom forms; schedule review request emails; etc.

1.2. Customize the Preview Badge (star ratings)

  • The Preview Badge shows the number of your reviews and the aggregate rating on your product and collection pages to help visitors quickly assess your products.

  • You can change the star color and badge text.

1.3. Customize the Review Carousel

  • The Review Carousel displays your featured reviews in a carousel-style on a specific page of your online store.

  • You can choose among six carousel themes; change the carousel background color, title, height, width, number of reviews displayed, etc.

Need more widgets for your store? Here are some interesting ones for you to check out:

Familiar with HTML and CSS? You can customize your widgets even more:

2. Ask us for help with basic design tweaks

Our in-app settings cover the most popular customizations so you can make the changes yourself. If you need additional customizations to your widgets but you are not familiar with CSS or coding, we can help you make the following basic changes by applying CSS styles to your theme:

  • Colors: change the colors of Judge.me elements to match your store’s theme

  • Borders, Padding, Margin: change the border, padding, margin associated with Judge.me elements to balance with other elements in your store’s design

  • Width and Height: adjust the width and/or height to balance with your store’s layout

  • Font: Judge.me widgets automatically adapt to your theme’s font styles. If they don’t, we can manually apply your custom fonts to our widgets and elements.

  • Hidden elements: hide some elements from your widgets

To make a customization request, you should:

  1. Consolidate and list out all the changes in bullet points.
  2. Be as specific as possible about what you'd like us to make and how it should look. Give us the new color code, border width, font names, etc.
  3. Add a screenshot with notes to show the details, especially if you want us to change the position of elements like buttons.
  4. Send your request to support@judge.me and we'll be on it.

For example, "change the background color of my "write a review" button to green (color code: #32a852)". Check more examples of descriptive customization requests that help us serve you more quickly.


  • This process will help us respond to your request more efficiently. 
  • We might need around 1 to 3 days to complete your customization requests. 
  • If you require more extensive customizations that go beyond one or two revisions, please read the next section about engaging a specialist.

3. Contact the experts for further customizations

Need more help to make something fancy? Engage a specialist! The Shopify Experts community has numerous specialists that can help you transform your ideas into reality. For reliable help with custom design, coding, or simple to complex customizations related to your theme or the Judge.me setup, reach out to HeyCarson, a smaller Shopify expert team focused on building long term relationships with rising brands. They will assess your project quickly, provide a fair quote and get started on very short lead times. You can also use Storetasker for larger projects.

These specialists are better equipped than us to handle more advanced or extensive customizations such as:

  • Change the layout of our widgets: change the positions of the star ratings, review titles, review forms and buttons beyond the available themes, apply the multi-column layout to the widgets, etc.

  • Change the design of our widget or elements: change the default shape of the star ratings, add the padding or rounded corners to the “Write a review” button, change the design of the custom form’s rating scale, etc.

  • Add additional elements and functions to our widgets: change the status of the “Write a review” button upon hovering or clicking, add a review search bar or review filters, etc.

  • Make changes to the color, spacing, sizing, fonts and other details of elements on your website that are not part of Judge.me app, like changing the size and background colors of your “Add to cart” buttons.


  • The customization ideas above are just some examples from us. The Shopify experts can help you with even more! 

  • If you have any customizations done by other specialists, we recommend you contact their dedicated support team for better assistance.

  • Think that a feature can benefit you? Submit a feature request!