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Looking for an optimized email design that helps you collect more reviews? With our A/B testing tool, you can create different email templates and discover which ones deliver the highest conversion rate. 


  1. How to access the A/B testing tool
  2. How to use the A/B testing tool

1. How to access the A/B testing tool

To access the A/B testing tool, go to Judge.me Product Reviews app > Requests tab > A/B testing

2. How to use the A/B testing tool

Add a new test

To add a new test, click on the New A/B test button at the top right corner.

Configure the test

  • In the A/B test details, choose a Name and Stopping rule for your A/B test.
  • You can choose to stop the test after a specific number of days, or after a specific number of emails have been sent. Both these counts start after you activate the test.
  • Then, you can determine which active Email Templates are used during the test, and which Email Templates remain active after the test.
  • When the test is run, Judge.mewill randomly select among the chosen templates when sending the review request emails. 
    • The templates are randomly chosen when more than one template is activated.
    • The only case that templates are not randomly chosen is when the Multiple Language Emails is enabled and customer language corresponds to a single active template.
    • If Automatic Reminders is enabled, the reminder emails are also counted in the stopping rule.

Start, stop and clone the test

  • For a draft test, you can edit, clone, or start it the main dashboard by clicking on the Start icon.
  • For an active test, you can edit, clone or stop it before the stopping rule is hit by clicking on the Stop icon.
  • For a completed test, you can view details, view reports or clone it to create a new test.

Only one A/B test can be activated at one time, you need to stop a test so that a new test can be started.

When your test is active

When the A/B test is active, we will randomly choose among the templates you select when we send out email requests during the test period. You can still add templates to that test and these updates will be reflected from the time you save the change, but you will not be able to change the stopping rule. 

Analyze the results of your A/B test

Check Email insights in Reports to learn how your chosen email templates have performed. The all-time statistics are displayed by default, so if you want to see statistics during your test period, make sure to adjust the timeframe. Learn more about how to interpret different metrics in Email insights report.