Available on the Awesome plan and for Shopify only

Do you have shops in many languages? Create your review request emails in different languages! By sending emails in the language of your customers, you can increase the readability and encourage them to review your products.


  1. How to enable Multiple Language Emails
  2. How to use Multiple Language Emails

How to enable Multiple Language Emails

You can enable this feature by going to Judge.me Admin Dashboard > Settings > Review Requests > Multiple Language Emails. Multiple Language Emails are only available to new orders placed after you enable this feature.

How to use Multiple Language Emails

Step 1: Set up your multi-language stores

Before using Multiple Language Emails, make sure that your online store is eligible to sell in multiple languages. To do that, your online store needs to have:

  • A third-party language translation app installed
  • A theme that is compatible with selling in multiple languages (all free themes on Shopify are compatible).

First, please add new languages to your Shopify store:

  • From your Shopify Admin, go to Settings > Store languages

  • Click Add language and choose one from the drop-down menu

  • Go to Shopify App Store (apps.shopify.com) and install a translation app (apps.shopify.com/collections/apps-for-store-languages)

  • Follow the app's instructions to translate and publish your store's content in multiple languages

Step 2: Create custom email templates

After that, please go to your Email Templates dashboard (Judge.me Admin Dashboard > Request tab > Email Templates) and follow the steps below:

  • Create a Custom Template in each of your shop’s supported language as configured earlier in Shopify Admin. For example, if your shop is available in English, French, and Spanish, please make three Custom Templates in these three languages. Learn more about how to create Custom Email Templates.

  • In Template Settings, assign the right Email Language to the right Custom Template

  • Create a template used for Any Language (in case Shopify fails to detect the customer's language)

  • Activate all the Custom Templates you just created by clicking on them (templates for specific languages and templates for any language)

  • Judge.me will use the locale passed to the checkout to match the email template’s language to the customer’s language. For example, if your customers purchase products in your French store, they will receive French emails. 

  • If Shopify fails to identify the customers’ languages, they will receive Any Language emails. Only active Email Templates will be used.

Learn more about locale and its role in Multiple Language Emails.