1. I still see the old version of the Interface! / I don't see the 'Advanced'  tab on my Interface.

If you don't see the "Advanced" tab, you need to update the Judge.me plugin to the latest version. The changes should happen automatically, but maybe your configuration in WordPress is blocking these automatic updates. 

Read more about How to update to the latest Judge.me interface.

2. My WooCommerce products are not synchronized with Judge.me. How can I synchronize them?

WooCommerce products should automatically synchronize with Judge.me products, but in rare cases, they may not and you may need to manually synchronize them. 

To synchronize your WooCommerce Products with Judge.me manually, go to Advanced > click the Synchronize Products button, then wait a few minutes and check if the products have synced.

If you need to synchronize products again, before you click Synchronize Products, first click the Reset Synchronize Products Status button.

Read more about How to synchronize your products correctly.

3. My Judge.me widgets are not updating so my reviews don't show up. How can I force an update?

Judge.me can work with several cache plugins, which automatically purge the cache whenever there is a new review. Currently, we support WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Autoptimize, Cache Enabler, Breeze Cache, WP Fastest Cache, SG Optimizer.

If your plugin is not in the list, please manually purge the cache daily, so the widgets will update.

Judge.me widgets only support the following emojis ⌚ ⏩ ⏪ ⏫ ⏬ ⏰ ⏳ ⚽ ⛄ ⛅ ⛎ ⛔ ⛪ ⛲ ⛳ ⛵ ⛺ ⛽ ⬛ ⬜ ⭐ ⭕ ✂ ✅ ✊ ✋ ✨ ❌ ❎ ❓ ❔ ❕ ❗ ❤ so if your reviews contain other emojis this may prevent the widget from updating. Please remove them to allow the widgets to update again.

Some other issues can prevent our widgets from updating correctly, read more about specific solutions to particular plugins.

4. I cannot access the Judge.me dashboard (www.judge.me/admin). How can I access it?

If you can access the Judge.me tab in your WooCommerce admin panel but are receiving an "Oops Login Issue" error message when clicking on the Get Started button to access Judge.me settings, it probably means that:

  • Your WooCommerce account is the same but you recently changed your domain, so please check if you have recently changed your WordPress domain (‘www’ changes are also considered a change of domain). This change of domain is probably not updated in our servers yet so please contact support@judge.me so we can update your domain. 

  • You duplicated your shop from a shop installed Judge.me. Any duplicated shop needs to be assigned to a different account in Judge.me, so please contact our support at support@judge.me to solve this issue, as we’ll need to create a new account for the new shop by clearing the token.

5. I do not see Judge.me star ratings and review widgets on my pages. How can I make them appear?

In WooCommerce, the Judge.me product widgets (Preview Badge and Review Widget on Product and Collection Pages) are already automatically installed in a default position that is valid for most of the themes. You can find the Judge.me Widgets: Quick Installation under the General tab of Judge.me dashboard in Woocommerce admin panel, please make sure all widgets are enabled.

If you want to install other widgets, or if the product widgets don’t get installed in the desired position, you can disable the toggles and manually install the widgets using widget shortcodes. The widgets shortcodes are easier to install and position if your shop is using page builders such as Elementor, Divi, etc.

Additionally, we have the option to change the default position of the product widgets (Preview Badge and Review Widget on Product and Collection Pages) if you can provide us with the right visual hook to the position in which you want them to be installed. In this case:

  • Ask your theme developer for the right name of the visual hook
  • Contact us at support@judge.me so we can guide you through the process
  • We normally change the default position of these product widgets with the help of the plugin Code Snippets or by adding a hook to your template functions.php file.

6. How can I add GTIN/EAN identifier to a product for the Google Product Review Feed?

Your products perhaps need a GTIN/EAN identifier if you want to use the Google Product Review Feed feature. This value can be added to your products by a custom attribute named GTIN or EAN or ISBN. Alternatively, you can use the plugin WooCommerce UPC, EAN, and ISBN (wordpress.org/plugins/woo-add-gtin/) to add GTIN values to your products.

7. How can I add additional customizations using CSS?

If you wish to customize our widgets further you may add some CSS to style them. This can be done by going to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

8. Will Judge.me affect my site's speed?

Judge.me is a fast plugin. We only load a CSS and Javascript file on your storefront to display the widgets and these files typically load within ~300ms.

On the WordPress dashboard, we only load our Javascript files on the Judge.me plugin page so it will not affect your WordPress dashboard. For further information see our Why is Judge.me so fast? article.

We store all the reviews on our own server. In your shop, we only store the first 5 reviews of each product for caching purposes (so that your customers will see the reviews immediately after loading the product page, it actually improves your site speed overall). The subsequent reviews will be retrieved dynamically from our servers in the customer's browser and will not affect your site's performance.

9. Product identification values to import reviews

If you receive errors regarding the products when trying to import reviews, please make sure that your product identification values included in your file are correct. Only one of the 2 values (either product_handle or product_id) is required to successfully import the reviews. 

Read more about How to identify product identification values correctly.

Please also make sure that your products are correctly synced, read more about How to synchronize your products correctly.

10. “Our server cannot access your shop domain” error / I can’t install the plugin in the shop

To be able to install the plugins, your shop needs a working domain (no localhost) that is accessible from the Internet and not protected by passwords. 

*Note: Currently we do not support WordPress setup in a sub-directory (eg: yourdomain.com/shop/, only the root domain is supported. Eg: yourdomain.com or shop.yourdomain.com.

Besides, there’s a number of issues that can arise when our plugin doesn’t have full access to your shop through our webhooks, but that can be also summarized in the plugin not being able to install, or the reviews or settings not updating correctly. 

Read more about specific solutions to particular plugins.