WooCommerce products will automatically synchronize with Judge.me, but in some rare cases where they don't, you can always manually synchronize them.

How to check if your products are correctly synced with Judge.me

  • Click on Products on the top bar of your Judge.me settings to access the Judge.me Products Panel. 
  • If the total number of products at the bottom of the Products Panel doesn’t match the number of products in your shop, you probably need to re-sync your products.

Re-syncing products can also solve eventual problems when trying to import reviews if the import report mentions that your products can’t be found but the product identification values are correct and refer to existing products (please also check FAQ #9 for more details).

How to synchronize the products manually?

  1. Access your Judge.me Panel
  2. Go to Advanced > click the Synchronize Products button
  3. Wait a few minutes and check if the products have synced
  4. If you need to synchronize products again, before you click Synchronize Products, first click the Reset Synchronize Products Status button.

WARNING! Do not touch the "Clear Shop's Token" button at the moment, it's a big deal! You could end up breaking your account.