List of Rich Snippets Integration

For Shopify merchants:

For BigCommerce merchants:

  • SEO Rich Snippets

How to use Rich Snippets Integration

For Shopify merchants:

  1. Install Product Reviews

  2. Make sure your JSON-LD snippets are enabled. Check it at Settings > Advanced > Rich Snippets

Note: If you're using Yoast SEO App, please make sure to disable the Aggregate Rating JSON-LD snippets from Settings > Advanced > Rich Snippets > SEO - Rich Snippets to avoid the multiple aggregate rating error.

  1. Install the Rich Snippets app you want

  2. Enable the JSON-LD snippets (or Review snippet/Product snippet) feature in that app. 

Note: please make sure you have turned on the JSON-LD snippets in BOTH and the SEO app, otherwise there may be errors. If you need help, please contact

For example, here is how you should turn on the Product Rich Snippet in SEO, JSON‑LD, Schema

For BigCommerce merchants

  • Install Product Reviews. Here is the installation guide, but our Support team is always available to install it for you.

  • Make sure your JSON-LD snippets are enabled, and Microdata snippets are disabled (recommended). Check it at Settings > Advanced > Rich Snippets

  • Install the Rich Snippets for BigCommerce (right now only SEO Rich Snippets integration is available).

  • Go to SEO Rich Snippets Settings and choose as the review source.

Seamlessly integrating with's innovative review rich snippets, SEO Rich Snippets instantly solves the problem of building Google-compliant structured data for:

  • Products
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Blog Posts
  • Sitelinks Searchbox
  • Logo & Organization

In addition to the automatic schema, by utilizing their new Classy Schema technology, BigCommerce customers can now build FAQ & How-To's to receive the relatively new but very impactful FAQ & How-To Rich Results on Category, Brand, Blog & Web Pages. These significantly increase your search result footprint size and draw customers in with extra information, links, and even images.

  • If you are not familiar with Rich Snippets yet, check this article.

  • If you want to test whether your Rich Snippets work or not, check this article.