Need to use your review information for other purposes such as remarketing or CRM? Zapier is a good choice for you. integrates with Zapier so you can build workflow automation between and different apps. In particular, once your store receives a new review, Zapier will get the review information from to notify your different apps to implement specific actions. 

*Note: Zapier is available in our Awesome plan ($15/month). If you are on WooCommerce and BigCommerce, you can access this integration for free.


1. How to enable Zapier integration

  • Create an account on Zapier:
  • From the Zapier admin dashboard, choose My Apps section on the left panel.  
  • Find and choose from the list.

  • After connecting successfully, you can see in your list of apps.

2. How to create a Zap

Now it's time to create your first Zap! Click on Make a Zap button on the left panel. Each Zap has one app as the Trigger, where your information comes from and which causes one or more Actions in other apps, where your data gets sent automatically. 

  • In 1. When this happens, you are going to choose the Trigger. Choose in Your Apps, then click Continue.

  • Choose the account you just connected, then click Continue.

  • Click Test your trigger. Zapier will scan and pull your latest review to test if the integration works properly.

  • After that, you can apply filters (to trigger only a specific set of reviews) and choose the apps in 2. Do this section (for Actions).

3. Some ideas on - Zapier integrations

Check this blog article to see some popular cases where the - Zapier integration can streamline your workflows and improve your efficiency.

  1. Add reviewers as email subscribers to send targeted email campaigns 
  2. Filter out reviews with negative keywords and create customer support tickets
  3. Record reviews in spreadsheets for analysis and future improvements 
  4. Send an SMS or push notification when your store receives a new review 
  5. Get a digest of the best and worst reviews every week/month 
  6. Schedule your review social sharing on Buffer