Sparq provides advanced tools to improve the default Shopify search without requiring any effort from you. With advanced tools like Instant Search, Collection Filters, AI-based personalization, and real-time analytics, Sparq helps you improve customer satisfaction and store revenue.

Integrate Sparq and allows you to display product reviews in smart search and filters.

How to enable this integration

Step 1: Install and Sparq.

Step 2: From admin dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations > Storefront > Search > Sparq. Then click Save Settings.

Step 3: From Sparq admin dashboard, choose Integrations. Then toggle the bar to enable the integration.

Step 4:

  • From Sparq admin dashboard, choose Settings > Theme > Dropdown.

  • Scroll to the bottom of this settings page, you can find the Product Ratings section. From here, you can toggle the bar to enable the Ratings, Ratings Count, Star color and Star size.

Example for and Sparq integration