Frequently Bought Together lets you display Amazon-like product recommendation bundles on your product pages, with an "add-to-cart" button to add the product bundles into the shopping cart. 

Frequently Bought Together is integrated with so you can add your star ratings and review count to your product bundles.

How to enable the integration

Step 1: Install Frequently Bought Together and

Step 2: From the Frequently Bought Together admin panel, choose Quick navigation > Visual preferences.

Step 3: Click on the stars icon.

Step 4: Choose Product Reviews as the review app to display the rating. You can show both the star rating and the review count, as well as changing the star color.

Here is how the product bundles with review stars look like on your store:

*Note: Only products that have some reviews will display a star rating and review count. If no stars appear beside the product, it means that the product has no reviews.