1. Why don't my imported reviews show up?

Sometimes it takes a few minutes for all imported reviews to show up in your reviews dashboard and Review Widget. 

If you are importing your reviews using AliExpress Reviews Importer and haven't installed Judge.me yet, please install so you can display your imported reviews on your store's product pages.

Please contact support@judge.me if your imported reviews still don't show up after several hours.

2. Is there a maximum number of reviews that I can import?

We only limit the file size you can upload in every import, which is around 10MB. We don't limit the number of reviews you can import.

3. I got an error message and couldn't import my reviews. What should I do?

If you got an error message and couldn't import your reviews, please make sure that:

If you have more questions, please contact support@judge.me so we can help you with your import.

4. How do I remove duplicated imported reviews?

You can delete reviews from the reviews dashboard. But if you have a lot of duplicated reviews to remove, please contact support@judge.me and we will remove them for you.

5. How do I import reviews?

To import reviews, from your admin dashboard, go to Import and Export > Import Reviews. We support three easy ways to export and import your reviews into our app (available both in Forever Free and Awesome Plans):

For large imported files, we recommend you import a file that is no bigger than 10MB at one time.

6. Can I import reviews from other review apps?

To import reviews from other apps:

Judge.me accepts the CSV formats (no changes needed) from Yotpo, Shopify, Stamped.io, Loox, etc. Check our detailed guidelines on exporting and importing reviews from each app. We are ready to add further import formats, please request them here.

7. I have reviews from my internal database. How do I import it? Which format do I need to follow?

If you have reviews from platforms other than a review app or AliExpress, you can import them directly with CSV file using our import wizard. Please follow this guideline to create a CSV file that is aligned with our format.

Then, from your admin dashboard, go to Import and Export > Import Reviews > From Customers Directly (with import wizard) to import your reviews.

8. How do I find the Shopify product ID and product handle?

To get the product_id:

  • Go to Shopify Admin dashboard
  • Choose Products > All Products
  • Click on the product you want to get its Product ID, and open the product page
  • Get the Product ID from the URL

To get the product_handle:

  • Go the specific product page on your live store
  • Get the Product Handle from the URL

Check this guideline for more detailed instructions. 

10. How do I upload reviews from Etsy?

If you have an Etsy store, we suggest using the Etsify app to export your reviews from your Etsy store because exporting reviews is not possible on Etsy. Please check this helpdesk article to learn how to export reviews from Etsy. After exporting reviews from Etsy, you can start importing this CSV file to Judge.me app without any changes.

11. Can I upload reviews from Amazon or Facebook?

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to import reviews from Amazon or Facebook. These platforms hold the copyright to the reviews on their pages and it's against their terms of service to import the reviews from them.

12. Why aren't my imported reviews verified? How can I verify my imported reviews?

Verified reviews include reviews submitted by customers with fulfilled orders or imported reviews with proof of authenticity. So by default, your imported reviews are not verified automatically. To verify your imported reviews, please contact support@judge.me and provide us with one of the following documents:

  1. A screenshot showing that you have previously collected verified reviews within another review app or e-commerce platform.
  2. An excerpt of your customer list that can be used to identify the reviewers
  3. For offline sales or other online stores of you: scan of customer list or link to the online stores.