Judge.me Checkout Comments help you get product feedback from buyers during checkout. In this article, we'll show you how to install the Checkout Comments widget on your product page.

Step 1: Add our core code 

Add the below code before the </head> tag in theme.liquid file.

{{ shop.metafields.judgeme.settings }}

If you've already installed the Judge.me Product Reviews app, you won't need to add this code anymore. 

Step 2: Add the widget code

Add the widget code below in the liquid file containing your product information. We recommend placing it below the "Add to cart" button.

<div id='judgeme_product_checkout_comments'
     class='jdgm-widget jdgm-comment-widget'
     data-product-title='{{ product.title }}' data-id='{{ product.id }}'>
     {{ product.metafields.judgeme.checkout_comments_widget }}

After you install the widget, an input field is automatically added to your checkout page.

Customers can enter their comments into these fields. The input field is shown below each item purchased, including variants of products.

Watch the tutorial video below to see how to put the code snippet: