Removing the Question & Reply box (Script)

The ScriptTag which adds the Checkout Comment field(s) to your Checkout page will be removed automatically with uninstallation.

As long as the app is installed, the ScriptTag can be found in ``

The ScriptTag is as follows:

Removing the Checkout Comments Widget

The Checkout Comments Widget is optional and is not required for using the Checkout Comments app.

The code is added by the merchant to the the theme liquid file (layout/theme.liquid) and to the product page (typically sections/product-template.liquid or templates/product.liquid).

Code snippets for reference

theme liquid

{{ shop.metafields.judgeme.settings }}

Product page

<div id='judgeme_product_checkout_comments'
class='jdgm-widget jdgm-comment-widget'
data-product-title='{{ product.title }}' data-id='{{ }}'>
{{ product.metafields.judgeme.checkout_comments_widget }}