Have questions about AliExpress Review Importer? Check out some common topics.

Part 1.  Showing your imported reviews

1. I don't see my imported reviews in my store's product pages, can AliExpress Review Importer show them automatically for me?

2. Do I need Judge.me to show my reviews? I think it's expensive, why should I install another app?

Judge.me has a completely free plan that synchronizes with AliExpress Review Importer to publish your reviews in your store automatically. Of course, you can easily use another app to show your reviews if you wish (see the answer to the next question below).

The free plan by Judge.me offers the following features:

3. I don't want to install Judge.me. How can I use another review app to show my reviews?

You can export your reviews as a CSV file and import them to another review app of your choice. From the home dashboard, click the Export Reviews button to export your reviews. You can choose to export your reviews in Judge.me format or Shopify Reviews format, then we will send a CSV file to your email. Then, you can upload the file to your other review app and follow their instructions to publish your reviews.

4. I have already installed Judge.me's free plan but still don't see my reviews. What else must I do?

If you have installed Judge.me but don't see your reviews, please check these possibilities:

  • Have you enabled your widgets?

Your Review Widget and Preview Badge should be enabled as you go through the onboarding process. Please doublecheck if they are enabled. It may take a few minutes for them to appear.

  • Have you published your reviews?

Your reviews are published automatically unless you disable the auto-publishing feature. If you want to publish your reviews manually, you can do that in the Reviews dashboard

Part 2. Troubleshooting import issues

1. My reviews are not imported. Why does the app import 0 reviews? I set it to import 15 reviews but only get 2 reviews? What is happening?

  • First, please check if your review import is complete. You can check your imported reviews in the reviews dashboard of AliExpress Review Importer.
  • Most importantly, please check your import criteria. Are they too strict? If you include too many filters such as country, picture, text, etc. the chance is that no reviews meet your requirements. For example, if most of the reviews on the AliExpress product page are from Russia and you set a filter for the USA only, then you might not get any reviews.

2. I can see some reviews in AliExpress but the app says AliExpress doesn't show its content so the reviews can't be imported. What is happening and what can I do?

Sometimes AliExpress has problems loading reviews on their product pages when they have heavy traffic (even when they say there are reviews on top). This means we cannot import reviews from this specific AliExpress page at the moment.
Can you try again after a few hours, or with a different AliExpress product? If you still have problems, email us at support@judge.me and send us your product links. We will personally investigate and help you with your imports.

3. I am getting an error about a URL or AliExpress page link.

4. I see a "product not found" error when importing my reviews. What's going on?

When you import reviews from AliExpress, you need to input the name of the Shopify product you want to import reviews. If the product name you input matches a current product in your Shopify store, a green checkmark will be shown. Otherwise, a "product not found" error will occur.

To solve this issue:

5. It says I imported 15 reviews but I don't see any reviews in the Reviews dashboard. Where are my reviews?

Sometimes it takes a while for your reviews to show up. Please wait a few minutes and refresh the reviews dashboard to see your reviews. 

You can check your imported reviews in the reviews dashboard of AliExpress Review Importer. If you have installed Judge.me Product Reviews app, your reviews are also automatically added to the reviews dashboard of Judge.me. However, you can only see your reviews on the product pages when you have enabled the Review Widget.

6. Why are my imported reviews empty? They just show the stars and nothing else.

If you see some empty imported reviews, please check your import criteria. You can apply the content filter to import only reviews with text content and set the minimum amount of words. Otherwise, the app will import all of your reviews, even the reviews with star ratings but no text content.

If you want to remove the empty reviews, please follow this guide to delete your reviews and import them again.

7. I chose to import reviews with text only, and it also imported reviews with pictures.

We have a content filter called Only reviews with text content. This filter helps you get reviews with some text content but doesn't omit reviews with pictures. In other words, if you apply this filter, the app will import any reviews that are non-empty, with or without pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words so we also import reviews with pictures even if they don't have text content.

If you would like to remove the pictures from your imported reviews, you can export your reviews to a CSV file, then delete the column with picture URLs, and import them again.

8. I have other problems, what do I do now?

If you have any general questions about AliExpress Review Importer features, you can submit your questions on our Forums. If you have more specific issues, please email us at support@judge.me with a description of the problem. Also, give us the AliExpress URL, the product you are trying to import, and other related information so we can help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Part 3. Other questions

1. I imported the wrong reviews, how can I remove these reviews?

You can delete your reviews one at a time by clicking on the <DELETE> button on the right in the Reviews dashboard. You can also delete your reviews in bulk for an entire product by clicking on <Delete imported reviews> on the right in the Products dashboard.

Learn more about deleting reviews in AliExpress Review Importer. 

2. Are there any importing limits?

You set the import up to 250 reviews each time, and you can make an unlimited amount of repeat imports. At the moment, AliExpress is only displaying the first 10 pages of reviews for us to import and any additional reviews are hidden behind a password-protected screen. So we can only import up to the first 100 reviews, and the total amount of reviews that we can import depends on your import criteria set in your filters (e.g., you may get fewer or no reviews if you choose only reviews from very strict criteria, like only reviews with pictures, or only reviews from the US). We recommend that you expand your criteria or import reviews from additional products using a different AliExpress link if you need more reviews.

3. Can you verify the reviews I imported from AliExpress?

We do have a strict authenticity policy about verifying reviews. When we display the Verified Buyer badge, it means we have proof that the reviews come from the customers of your shop. If an email used in a review matches an email used in an order, that review will be verified automatically. For this reason, reviews imported via AliExpress Review Importer are not verified reviews because these reviews may not come from orders placed directly with your stores. We are happy to verify any imported reviews from other e-commerce platforms as long as you can show evidence that they are associated with a genuine order from your stores.

4. Why are my imported AliExpress reviews not showing up in the Google XML feed?

Product reviews from Google Shopping have to come from actual customers who purchased the products from your store. On the Google Merchant Center website, it specifically says that "Review feeds should be collected and owned by merchants. You must collect and own the reviews you share with Google." There are strict consequences for violating these terms, including being banned from Google, so we exclude any imported AliExpress reviews from the Google XML feed.

5. I am not using Shopify, how can I use this app?

Currently, this app is only built for Shopify. We don't have any plans to make it available on other platforms in the next few months. However, we may consider it in the future. Do post any additional platform suggestions on Judge.me feature upvote so we can think about it and keep you updated if we do make progress in these areas. 

6. I want to import reviews from Amazon, is this only for AliExpress?

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to import reviews from Amazon. Amazon holds the copyright to the reviews on their pages and it's against their terms of service to import the reviews from them.

7. Can I sync my Shopify products with the products on AliExpress? Can I get new reviews on AliExpress into my Shopify store as well?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to sync the new reviews on AliExpress with your Shopify store. However, you can manually update the reviews submitted after your last import by repeating the import. To do that, please go to the home dashboard, find the product you want to update reviews, then click the Repeat button on the right of that product. 

8. I have a feature suggestion, how can I let you know?

Please post your suggestions on Judge.me feature upvote and we will keep you updated if we do make progress in these areas.