Let's run an overview of the different Judge.me widgets and choose the ones that work best for your store.

WidgetPlanHow it works
What it looks like
Review Widget

Free (some customizations are on the Awesome plan)

The Review widget collects and displays product reviews on your product pages
Preview Badge Free
The Preview badge displays your product's average rating and its number of reviews.
Reviews Carousel Free
The Review carousel showcases your 15 best reviews on your home page or any page of your choice.
Judge.me Medals Free
Judge.me medals showcase the quality and quantity of your reviews.
Verified Reviews Count Badge Free
When you reach 20 verified reviews, you can install the Verified reviews count badge to show your number of verified published reviews.
All Reviews Text Free
The All reviews text displays the total number of your published reviews and the average rating
UGC Media Grid Free
The UGC media grid will showcase the photos and videos you are tagged on Instagram
Floating Reviews Tab Awesome plan

The Floating reviews tab makes it easy to access all your reviews via a floating button on the screen.

Questions and Answers Awesome plan
With the Questions and answers widget, you can gradually build up your own FAQs
All Reviews Page
Awesome plan
The All reviews page is a dedicated page to showcase your product and shop-level reviews all in one place