All stores in the group need to be on the Awesome plan 

Cross-shop review syndication is when one store automatically feeds its existing and future reviews to other stores.

This feature offers great value in these cases:

  • You have multiple stores to support different languages/regions.
  • You want to syndicate reviews with your retailers, partners, or affiliates that sell the same products.

How syndication works

We use Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) to match products between your stores. As we only need SKUs, this feature can work across all platforms.

We define a product SKU by adding all the variants' SKUs together. If your products have variants:

  • The number of variants of the product in each shop has to be the same (e.g. if a product has 4 variants in Shop A, it needs to have 4 variants in Shop B).
  • You can arrange the variants in any order as long as the product SKUs across different shops are identical.

Let's check this example:

How to set up cross-shop review syndication

Step 1: Make sure your stores are qualified

Double-check if your stores meet these requirements:

  • All stores need to be in the Awesome plan.
  • Each product needs to have the same SKUs in all stores.
  • If your product has variants, the variants and the number of variants need to be similar across all stores. 

Step 2: Create a shop group

To create a new shop group:

  • In the admin of any of your stores, go to Settings > Advanced > Cross-Shop Review Syndication.
  • Click Create new shop group.
  • Make sure to copy the token for the shop group.

Step 3: Add other stores to the group

  • Log out of the current shop (or use a different browser).
  • Log in to another shop that you want to sync reviews with.
  • Go to Settings > Advanced > Cross-Shop Review Syndication.
  • Click Join a shop group.
  • Enter the token you copied earlier then click Join.

When your stores are connected successfully, you will see them in Shops in this group. Depending on the number of products you have, it may take longer to sync the reviews. 

If you want to leave the shop group, simply click Leave Group.

Cross-shop syndication and other features

Review management

Synced reviews will be shared on the front end in all stores, but only shows on the dashboard of the store where they were submitted.

The autopublish setting of each store is also applied independently. If you have a review that isn't curated yet, it will display in the store with Autopublish ON but not in the store with Autopublish OFF.

Google Shopping

According to the Product Ratings policies from Google, eligible reviews are those that originated from the relevant shop.

That means, each shop needs to have a separate rating feed for Google Shopping and the reviews will only be included in the feed of the store where they come from.

Product groups

You can use Cross-shop review syndication alongside product groups, but the combined logic can get complicated.

So if you're sharing reviews with product groups in one store, make sure to have identical product groups in the other stores. Otherwise, the reviews might not be synced as expected. review site listings

If all stores in a shop group are on our review site, reviews submitted on any of these stores will also be displayed on the review site listing of others.

If any store in the group is not on the review site, the syndicated reviews will still be displayed on other store listings, but the link to the product pages will be disabled. widgets

Cross-shop review syndication works well with these widgets:

  • Review widget, 
  • Preview badge,
  • All review text,
  • Verified review count badge,
  • All reviews page, 
  • and Floating Reviews tab.

For the All Reviews Page and Floating Reviews Tab, all reviews will be shared. For reviews that we can't match the products between the stores based on SKUs, we will link to the original products where the reviews were submitted.

For the Review carousel, it can only feature reviews that show in the Reviews dashboard of each store.