Rewarding the reviewers is a great way to engage with your customers and encourage them to share their experiences.

  • If you're on Shopify, we can generate the coupon automatically for you.
  • If you're on WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Squarespace, and PrestaShop, you can add your own coupon codes to

Static coupon

With static coupons, the same coupon code will be used for every customer.

To use static coupon:

  • Create the coupon code in your eCommerce platform.
  • Add this created coupon in Judge. me in Settings > Rewards > Review coupons > Coupon Code (external codes).

Resources for reference:

To turn off the Reward feature, you'll need to remove the static coupon first. Otherwise, you'll see the error below.

Dynamic coupon

With dynamic coupons, each customer will receive a different coupon code taken from the codes you upload.

To use dynamic coupons:

  • Create a coupon code in your eCommerce to use as a static coupon.
  • Add this code in Judge. me in Settings > Rewards > Review coupons > Coupon Code (external codes) > Static coupon. When dynamic coupons run out, we will use the static coupon instead.
  • Create other coupon codes in your eCommerce.
  • If you're on Shopify, simply export these coupons into a CSV file. If you're on other platforms, you can prepare the CSV file following the steps below.
  • Upload the file in in Settings > Rewards > Review coupons > Coupon Code (external codes) > Upload more dynamic coupons.

CSV template to upload dynamic coupons

You can download the CSV template by clicking the button below:

Download CSV file

Here's what each column in the CSV file means:

the coupon code for each reviewer
expired_atoptionalthe expiration date of the coupon (dd/mm/yyyy). We won't send coupons that have expired.
limit_sendoptionalthe number of times we can use this coupon (default value is 1).