After Google approved your product feed and your product reviews, you can see your product reviews on Google Shopping. The appearance of Google Shopping may change based on your location. Let's see how product reviews are displayed in different views when a customer search for products on Google Shopping.

Search results

After a customer searches for a product on Google Shopping, a search results page will appear. Each product in the search results includes the product title, price, link to the merchant store, star ratings, and short product description.

Product Quick View

By clicking on the product title, a customer can see a quick view of that product, with more details such as shipping cost, tax, full list of merchant stores, more product images, etc.

Product Detail View

By clicking on the Details link, a customer can see the product details page, with longer product descriptions and images, product reviews, details and special offers from the merchant stores, CTA link to the store's product page, etc.

Product Reviews (part of Product Detail View)

Your product reviews are shown in the Product Detail View. To see these reviews, a customer can click on the [xxx] product reviews link in the Product Quick View, or if the customer is already on the Product Detail View, they can scroll down to see the Reviews section. They can also click on the All Reviews to see all the product reviews.