Available on the Awesome plan

Judge.me x Klaviyo integration allows you to set up automatic email flows based on the submitted reviews, questions, and answers. For example:

  • You can create an automatic flow for negative reviews, offering help to customers.
  • Or set up a flow for positive reviews, mentioning future sales and special offers.

How it works

Judge.me will send an event to Klaviyo when a new qualified review/Q&A is submitted.

  • We will send the events for both published and unpublished reviews.
  • We won't send any events for imported and admin reviews.
  • An event can only be received if the customer is on your Klaviyo subscriber list.

You can use these events to create segments of users or to trigger an automated action.

Here's the list of events we send to Klaviyo:

EventWhat it meansInformation included
SubmittedRevieweach new review
  • Judgeme_CF
  • product_handle
  • product_title
  • published
  • rating
  • review_body
  • review_title
  • verified_buyer
SubmittedReviewPositiveeach new positive review
each new negative review
SubmittedQuestioneach new question
  • product_handle
  • product_title
  • question_content
SubmittedAnswereach new answer coming from community questions
  • answer_content
  • product_handle
  • product_title
  • question_content

Example of an event sent to Klaviyo:

Set up Judge.me x Klaviyo reviews follow-up integration

Step 1: Add Klaviyo API Key

  • In Klaviyo, go to Settings > API Keys.
  • Click Create Private API Key and copy it (if you have already created the API key for Judge.me, you can skip this step).

get klaviyo api key for judge.me integration

  • In Judge.me, go to Settings > Integrations > Admin Backend > Email Marketing Integration > Choose Klaviyo.
  • Paste your Klaviyo API Key and click Check.

Step 2: Allow the review events to be sent to Klaviyo

  • Enable Send review events to Klaviyo.
  • Choose your threshold for positive reviews. If you choose "at least 4 stars", 4- and 5-star reviews will trigger a SubmittedReviewPositive event while the rest will trigger a SubmittedReviewNegative event.

Step 3: Add a test review

  • On your product page, leave a web review with your own email address.
  • This should trigger an event that you can find in Flows >  Metrics.

  • If the events are still not showing, please chat with us and we'll check it with you.

Step 4: Create the flow in Klaviyo

Once you have successfully integrated Klaviyo with Judge.me, please create a new flow in Klaviyo that uses our review events trigger.

To create a new flow:

  • In Klaviyo admin, go to Flows > Create flows > Create from scratch.
  • Choose Metrics as the trigger.
  • Choose the Judge.me event you want, set up any filters if you wish, and click Done.
  • Then, you can create the rest of the flow within Klaviyo.

Customize the email template

Below is a list of event variables you can use in the email template. You can also see them by previewing the template.

Event variablesMeaningWhere to use
{{ event.product_handle }}
product handle
text block
{{ event.product_title }}
product title
text block
{{ event.published }}
whether the review is published or hiddentext block
{{ event.rating }}
the review rating (1-5)text block
{{ event.review_body }}
body of the reviewtext block
{{ event.review_title }}
title of the reviewtext block
{{ event.verified_buyer }}
whether the customer is a verified buyertext block