Available on the Awesome plan 

By integrating Judge.me with AfterShip, you can send your review requests after the order is marked as delivered by AfterShip.

Before you begin

  • Judge.me x AfterShip integration is only working for Shopify.
  • You also need to be in AfterShip's Pro Plan and above.


  • This AfterShip integration is currently not working with requests scheduled manually.
  • It's also not working as expected if you're also using Klaviyo requests.
  • For SMS notifications, the phone number from the Shopify default address will be used (and not from the shipping address).
  • When you disable this integration or stop using AfterShip, all orders with the status Waiting for delivery will not receive delivery information via AfterShip. You can send these requests out manually instead.

Steps to integrate Judge.me with AfterShip

In your AfterShip admin:

  • Go to Settings > API keys.
  • Click Create API key and copy the API key.

In your Judge.me admin:

  • Go to Settings > Integrations > Admin backend > Aftership
  • Enable the integration and paste in the Aftership API Key.
  • Set up the other timing conditions (minimum wait time, maximum wait time).
  • Click Save settings.

How the integration works

  • After shipping an order, you'll receive a tracking number from your carriers.
  • You’ll then need to add this tracking number and the carrier to the order information while fulfilling the order.

  • We will then create a tracking record with Aftership to track the order delivery. 
  • Orders with a tracking record will now show Waiting for delivery in the requests dashboard.
  • We will check this tracking record every 12 hours. 
  • Once the order is delivered, the request will be scheduled based on your Request timing settings and the status will change to Will send.

Common issues

1. Judge.me can't create a tracking record

Typically reasons

  1. The tracking number and/or the carrier weren't added during the initial fulfillment. We can only receive the tracking information from the initial fulfillment, not from the updated fulfillment.
  2. Invalid courier or courier hasn’t been added in the Aftership (Error: “Cannot detect courier. Activate courier at https://secure.aftership.com/settings/courier”).
  3. Invalid tracking number 
  4. The number of shipments exceeds the limit.
  5. Tracking already exists

Our solutions

  • We'll try to create the tracking record again after 12 hours. 
  • If we still can't create a tracking record then, we will send the review request based on order fulfillment instead.
  • You can set up the minimum delay time so the request doesn't send out too soon.

2. Request gets stuck in "Waiting for delivery"    

Typical reasons

  1. We refresh with Aftership data every 12 hours. If an order is marked as Delivered in AfterShip but Waiting for delivery in Judge.me, it might just need some time to update.
  2. A shipment might be marked as In Transit in Aftership while the customer has received it already.
  3. We fail to track the tracking record because the courier changed unexpectedly or because we received the wrong courier information from Aftership.

Our solutions

When a request gets stuck in Waiting for delivery, you can either send this request manually or allow us to send it for you automatically.

To send a request manually:

  • In your Judge.me admin, go to Requests status and find the request you want to send.
  • Click the 3-dot icon.
  • Choose Send this request now to send out the email immediately.
  • Or choose Mark order as delivered to schedule now and the email will be sent based on your timing setting.

To allow us to send it automatically for you:

  • In the integration setting, enable the second option.
  • By enabling this, we will send out the request 60 days after the order is fulfilled even though it's still showing Waiting for delivery.

3. Expired tracking record

A tracking record can also expire. This will at first result in an order being marked as Waiting for delivery for too long. 

  • Once we receive the expiration from Aftership, we will check your tracking number for any common issues and if the order has been delivered. 
  • If we cannot receive any information about the order delivery status, we will deal with it as if we were unable to create a tracking.

You can also use Delivery-based requests to send review requests based on delivery instead.