"You shouldn't miss it!" That's what Fomo want to tell your customers by displaying real-time activities such as new orders or reviews on the storefront.

By integrating Fomo with your Judge.me, you can have your latest reviews pop up on the storefront. This makes your potential buyers feel more motivated to buy your products right away.

How to enable this integration

Step 1: Install Judge.me

Step 2: Install Fomo

Step 3: From Fomo's admin dashboard, go to Integrations, then scroll down and find Judge.me, and click Connect with Judge.me

Step 4: Copy the Webhook URL

Step 5: From Judge.me admin dashboard, go to Integrations > Storefront > Storefront Notifications > Fomo, the paste the Webhook URL


  • As soon as you enable your integration, Fomo will pull your new reviews to your storefront. Only reviews approved by you will be displayed, learn more about curating your reviews in the Reviews dashboard.
  • Your old reviews are not automatically included, please contact Fomo for manual import.