Look for other ways to remind your customers to share a review? Besides emails and SMS integrations (SMSBump, SMS Notifications), you can also integrate with PushOwl to send push notifications to your customers, which increases the chance that your customers will come back to you and submit a review.

How to enable this integration

Step 1: Install Judge.me

Step 2: Install PushOwl. This app is free to install and additional charges may apply.

Step 3: Enable the integration in Settings > Integrations > Requests Integrations > Push Notifications > PushOwl

Step 4: Go to Settings > Review Requests > PushOwl to configure your Review Request Push Template and Media Reminder Push Template

  • Review Request Push Template: the push notification to request your customers to submit a review
  • Media Reminder Push Template: the push notification to remind customers who submitted a review to add a photo or video if they didn't submit any.

*Note: PushOwl push notifications will mirror your settings in Review Requests > Timing and Format.

Example of web push notification:

  • Your website visitors will need to allow push notifications in their browser.
  • Once your buyers click on the push notifications, they will be redirected to the Review Widget on the specific product page with their information pre-filled.

Manage the push notification status

You can find the sending status of your push notification in the column Push status in the Requests Dashboard.

Best practices