Available on the Awesome plan

Judge.me's integration with Smile: Loyalty & Rewards allows you to reward your customers with Smile points for submitting a review.

Available platforms

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce

Set up Judge.me x Smile integration

  • In Smile admin, go to Integrations > Judge.me (available on Smile's paid plans).

  • Click Connect.
  • In Judge.me admin, go to Settings > Integrations > Admin backend > Reward app integration and choose Smile.io.
  • To set up the Product reviews earning rule, go to Program > Points, then click Add ways to earn.
  • Find and select the Review a product action.

Enter the number of points you would like customers to earn for leaving a review, choose how you would like to configure the integration, set up a specific image, or use our default and click Create.

*Note: For BigCommerce users

BigCommerce recently removed the ability to generate new coupon codes that include special characters (for example -$, €, %, #...etc.). If your rewards do have special characters added to the prefix, please go to your Smile admin - Program > Points > Ways to redeem - and remove any special characters from the Discount code > Prefix section.

Once the rule is created, customers can begin earning points for leaving reviews according to the Reward Conditions you have set in Judge.me.