Available on the Awesome plan on Shopify

If you have orders fulfilled before you install Judge.me, we can help you fetch these orders and create review requests to collect reviews from these old customers.

How to create review requests for old orders

  • In Judge.me admin, go to Requests > Requests dashboard.
  • Click Schedule requests on the top right.
  • Enter the date from which you want to start fetching the orders.
  • Choose the maximum number of emails each customer should receive (1 is recommended).
  • Click Send Review Requests for Old Orders.

Our conditions

  • We fetch all fulfilled orders in Shopify from the date you enter to the current date (maximum 5000 orders).
  • We will skip the orders that are unfulfilled or already processed before, and apply your blocklist settings to the remaining ones.
  • We also skip the request if the buyer already received a review request for another order in the last 7 days. That means, we will only send at most 1 email to each buyer. 

Review the results

After you click Send, we will process the requests and send you an email with the details.

In the Requests dashboard, the line items scheduled manually will be highlighted with a red stripe on the left.

After the requests are scheduled, we'll wait for 10 minutes before sending the emails. 

This allows you to check the requests and skip certain requests (if needed) by clicking Don't send for this request in the More column in the Requests dashboard.