Available on the Awesome plan

Floating Reviews Tab is a light version of the All Reviews Page, which you can put as a floating button on the side of your screen. It allows customers to see your product and store reviews without interrupting their buying journey.

How it looks

The Floating Reviews Tab shares the same theme (Default, Leex, Align, and Sliders) with the Review Widget and Reviews Page.

To change the theme of your Floating Reviews Tab:

  • From your Judge.me admin, go to Settings > Other widgets > Floating Reviews Tab.
  • Scroll down to Floating Reviews Tab Theme.

Add the Floating Reviews Tab to your pages

Depending on your e-commerce platform and page builder, the installation steps might vary.

Customize your Floating Reviews Tab

To customize the Preview Badge:

  • From your Judge.me admin, go to Settings > Other widgets > Floating Reviews Tab.

There you can:

  • Hide the tab on mobile devices
  • Change the tab button colors (background, text)
  • Customize the button text and the title inside the floating tab
  • Customize the URL to the Reviews Page